Brake Repair

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You can count on us for your brake repair service needs. Common symptoms of brake issues or safety concerns include:

  • Squealing sound when applying brakes?
  • Feel or sound of metal grinding when applying brakes?
  • Intermittent squeaks when driving?
  • Pulsation when applying brakes?
  • No tension when applying parking brakes?

You want to service your brakes between 30k-50k miles for disk brakes and about 80k-100k for drum brakes or when the above symptoms occur.

The basic components of a brake system consists of a master cylinder, brake pads or shoes, calipers, brake rotors or brake drums. Brakes are ALWAYS serviced in pairs, either both front or both rear.

You can help keep the costs down on your brake service needs by getting your brakes serviced as soon as you hear a squeaking sound or a high pitched sound when applying your brakes. This would typically mean that your brake pads or shoes are worn down to replacement thickness.


Starts at $95/hr